What types of games and activities are prohibited by law?

Examples of prohibited games and activities include but may not be limited to –

  • Calcutta’s, side bets, or any other method or game in which a participant bets on a ticket, number or other item to become a winner.
  • “Casino nights” where money is paid for the opportunity to play a game of chance and win money, prizes or other things of value based on the random outcome of a game even though there may be some skill involved.
  • Wagering on the outcome of sporting event, or betting pools, with the exception of horseracing, where bets are placed AT a licensed track.  Parimutual or any other type betting by phone or “on-line” is not permitted.
  • Raffles or lotteries in which all or part of the prize consists of alcoholic beverages.
  • Poker Games/Poker Tournaments/poker runs if money is paid for the opportunity to play and if money or prizes are being awarded as a result of the outcome of the game.