Can an organization conduct games of chance on a liquor licensed premise?

NO, commercial gambling is strictly prohibited on liquor licensed premises.  60-7A-19(A) NMSA 1978.  Pursuant to 60-7A-19(C)(2) NMSA 1978, commercial gambling does not mean:    

(a) activities authorized pursuant to the New Mexico Lottery Act, 6-24-1 to 6-24-34 NMSA 1978; and
(b) the conduct of activities pursuant to Subsection D of Section 30-19-6 NMSA 1978; and
(c) gaming authorized pursuant to the Gaming Control Act, 60-2E NMSA 1978, and as in a manner limited by and permitted by this Act.    

The Liquor Licensee remains subject to all of the duties and responsibilities prescribed by the New Mexico Liquor Control Act.  Liquor Licensees and charitable organizations are encouraged to work cooperatively to provide a safe environment for each event.